Blu Ray Copy Software Review 2013
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Fri, 01/27/12 – | One Comment

Blu Ray Copy Software Review
The new year is here and with it is a new cropping of Blu Ray Copy Software apps just in time for everyone that is switching over to the new format. …

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What’s in Store for Blu-Ray in 2012

While streaming video services such as Netflix have lost consumer confidence by raising their prices, Blu-ray continues to make inroads into U.S. households now that more affordable Blu-ray media players have encouraged consumers to turn …

BDXL – Super Blu-Ray Discs at 100GB Each
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BDXL – Super Blu-Ray Discs at 100GB Each

Pioneer has introduced a new Super Blu Ray Burner drive called the  BDR-206MBK. The term Super Blu Ray means that it can support writing up to 100GB on a single disc.  I know your thinking …

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Blu-ray playback on Windows 7

Blu-ray playback and burning software (Windows 7)?
I just received a BD-RE drive for Christmas and I am now in need of some software. (Currently running Windows 7, fyi.) I was considering Nero for blu-ray burning …